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Accessibility, usability, and desirability – good user experience can improve these & much more. Let’s pave the way for your digital product’s success on the market!

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Captivate your users with relevant and meaningful experiences through a thoughtful design and make your product more in line with their needs. Our experienced UX team will select the matching methods and tools to fully understand your customers and give them exactly what they’re looking for!

Our User Experience design services

Here’s some insight into the most important components of our design process. Note, however, that the UX journey is unique for each product – that’s what makes it so effective!

Market & user research

To design a compelling experience, you should always start with a deep understanding of user needs, values, abilities, and limitations. Using an empathetic approach, we adopt the user’s perspective to get familiar with their problems and expectations. Then we combine this knowledge with market research, analysing the products of the competition, and researching the niches. This way, we are able to suggest solutions that make a difference.

Exploration & Information architecture

Information architecture design is one of the fundamental tasks of the UX team. Well-designed IA can improve functionality of the app by making communication between the product and the user more effective. That means easier access to the desired information. Our team will bring your IA design to the next level, making your app behave just as users expect it to. We can help you not only with planning the structure of your product but also marking priorities and monitoring user behaviour to make the app work even better.

Wireframing & UX writing

Wireframing allows for the organisation of the structure of a website or app before the creative phase begins. The wireframe serves as a visual guide and provides a better understanding of the structural architecture and design flow. This phase is perfect for trying out various ideas without risking any financial consequences. After the wireframe is ready, we head into UX writing. Using a simple, user-friendly language, we create content and microcopies that navigate users through the app.

Prototyping & usability testing

Prototyping helps us see the big picture. At this stage of the project development, we test the flow of design and collect feedback. Prototyping is followed by usability testing. Using a set of tools, we analyse whether the users can navigate through your app effectively and identify the causes of possible problems. Explorative, assessable, or comparative? Moderated or unmoderated? Our team will help you adopt the most fitting method to make the best out of this process.

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Custom app development

Think a ready-made software product is not the right solution for your company? It’s about time to try custom app development! If you’re searching for an IT partner that will build an app tailored to your needs, you’ve come to the right place. At Eminence Infotech, we specialise in developing custom applications, creating solutions that make a positive impact on the company’s workflow and resonate with their values. Before heading into the development phase, we research your needs and expectations to create products that solve existing problems and prevent the new ones from occurring.

Not sure whether our UX design solutions will be suitable for you?

Our FAQ section can answer all the concerns you may have so far. If that’s not the case – feel free to reach out and discuss your doubts with our UX specialists at Eminence Infotech.

Our user experience services are designed to support projects at every stage of development. It’s never too late to improve your UX, even if you’ve already launched the product. However, the earlier the better. We always encourage the entrepreneurs to polish the user experience design before the development process, as it can save them many worries and funds.
Yes! At Eminence Infotech, we love working remotely – actually, 90% of our projects are carried out that way. Both UX consulting services and design processes can remain fully remote. At the same time, you’re more than welcome to schedule a UX consultation in one of our offices if this type of cooperation resonates with you more.
The overall cost depends on the size of your project and the stage of development you’re at, as well as the scope of work expected from our side. Get in touch with us directly to receive a quotation.
We do! At Eminence Infotech, we have experience in running workshops both before and after launching the product. Their content and structure will be adjusted to your specific case. By the end of it, all the participants will have a better understanding of the product-user relationship dynamics. This knowledge can later be applied in the further product development process.

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